What is the first skulduggery pleasant book called?


No. Title Counts
First series
1 Skulduggery Pleasant 67,393 words / 384 pages
2 Playing with Fire 69,683 words / 352 pages
3 The Faceless Ones 69,689 words / 416 pages

What order do you read Skulduggery Pleasant?

  1. Book 1. Skulduggery Pleasant. Book 1. Skulduggery Pleasant. …
  2. Book 2. Playing With Fire. Book 2. Playing With Fire. …
  3. Book 3. The Faceless Ones. Book 3. The Faceless Ones. …
  4. Book 4. Dark Days. Book 4. Dark Days. …
  5. Book 5. Mortal Coil. Book 5. …
  6. Book 6. Death Bringer. Book 6. …
  7. Book 7. Kingdom of the Wicked. Book 7. …
  8. Book 8. Last Stand of Dead Men. Book 8.

How many Skulduggery books are there?

The Skulduggery Pleasant series is a series of books written by Derek Landy, with fourteen main books in total and two spin-off books.

Does Valkyrie Cain have a girlfriend?

She has been romantically involved with Fletcher Renn, Caelan, Coda and Militsa Gnosis.

Who is Valkyries boyfriend?

Fletcher Renn is the last teleporter and Valkyrie’s boyfriend.

How old is Valkyrie Cain in the first book?

In the first book Valkyrie Cain is only 12 years old and yet she doesn’t whine, nor does she whinge or sob about the unfair pressures the world has placed upon her fragile shoulders.

How many Skulduggery Pleasant books are there 2021?


No. Title Publication date
11 Midnight 1 June 2018
12 Bedlam 30 May 2019
13 Seasons of War 2 April 2020
14 Dead or Alive 1 April 2021

Is Skulduggery Pleasant dead?

Skulduggery Pleasant: Dead or Alive is the fourteenth book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series. It is set to be released on April 1st 2021. It is the fifth book in Phase 2.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Dead or Alive
Date Published April 1st 2021
Date Set In
Publisher HarperCollins Children’s Books

Is there a book 15 of Skulduggery Pleasant?

The second cycle of the internationally bestselling Skulduggery Pleasant series comes to a thrilling end.

What is Skulduggery Pleasant’s given name?

In the books, Skulduggery’s past life name (given name) has not been revealed, though author Derek Landy says his taken name was “Skulduggery Pleasant” before he died.

Is Skulduggery Pleasant Lord vile?

In the alternate dimension it is revealed that Skulduggery is still in his angered state and is still Lord Vile. When the resistance tries to break Valkyrie out, Lord Vile attacks, however, they escape.

Who is the man with the golden eyes Skulduggery Pleasant?

Erskine Ravel is the central antagonist of the novel series Skulduggery Pleasant. He is Skulduggery’s former close friend turned arch enemy. As the Man With The Golden Eyes, he orchestrated events throughout the series in order to fulfil his goal of exposing sorcery to mortals.

Is Valkyrie Cain a necromancer?

Valkyrie has shown extremely powerful Necromancy in Mortal Coil, due to the fact that when she was dead in Nye’s workplace, she used Necromancy and was perhaps the most powerful depiction of it, because she harnessed her own death energy.

Who is the child of the ancients Skulduggery Pleasant?

Six years after the events of Skulduggery Pleasant: Bedlam, Alice Edgley, the last descendant of the Faceless Ones after the disappearance of her older sister Valkyrie Cain, prepares to become a Child of the Faceless to defeat her “arch-nemesis”, the Child of the Ancients, calling herself The Child of the Faceless Ones …

What happens to Darquesse?

China has the ability to kill Darquesse, but she hesitates, seeing Valkyrie’s face. China then touches her, and the heat is transferred to Darquesse, who heals China. Darquesse, still wearing the clothes of a Bride of Blood Tears, ignites, and her clothes burn and her Necromancer ring is destroyed.

Is Skulduggery Pleasant a movie?

Back in 2007 when the first book was out and we signed the deal with Warner Bros. that same year, we were saying ‘this is a movie, it’s not an animated movie, it’s a movie with special effects but it’s not for TV, it’s a movie‘.

Is Valkyrie from Skulduggery Pleasant?

Valkyrie Cain (born Stephanie Edgley) is the main female protagonist of the Skulduggery Pleasant series. She is a young teenage girl who meets Skulduggery Pleasant after an attempt on her life and insists on coming with him as his new partner.

Why is Skulduggery Pleasant called Skulduggery Pleasant?

Skulduggery Pleasant – ‘Skulduggery’ means underhand or dishonest behaviour, which may also refer to the fact that he has a skull for a head. However, it seems that he ironically chose this name before becoming a skeleton. ‘Pleasant’ simply means giving enjoyment.

What age is Skulduggery Pleasant for?

This is an event primarily aimed at 13 years and up, although there is no upper age limit. Any younger Operatives should participate online instead. My child is coming on their own and is worried…

Is Skulduggery Pleasant a children’s book?

Skulduggery Pleasant – Last Stand of Dead Men (Review)

Today we are reviewing the latest in the children’s book series Skulduggery Pleasant, by Derek Landy. Last Stand of Dead Men is number 8 in the series, and the sequel to Kingdom of the Wicked.

Where was Skulduggery Pleasant published?

Skulduggery Pleasant (re-titled Skulduggery Pleasant: Sceptre Of The Ancients in the 2009 paperback in the US and Canada) is the first book in the nine-book series. It was published in 2007 by HarperCollins and it is written by Derek Landy.

Is skulduggery pleasant book 14 out?

Dead or Alive: Book 14 (Skulduggery Pleasant) Hardcover – 1 April 2021.

How many words are in Skulduggery Pleasant dead or alive?

Skulduggery Pleasant was 67,393 words. Playing With Fire was 69,683. The Faceless Ones was 69,689.

Is Skulduggery a word?

Did you know? Skulduggery, which can also be spelled “skullduggery,” was first documented in the mid-19th century spelled as “scull-duggery.” Etymologists aren’t sure exactly how the word arrived in English, but they do not believe it has anything to do with skulls.

Who is Skulduggery Pleasant’s brother?

Uther Peccant is a teacher at Corrival Academy. In the Grimoire, it is stated that he is Skulduggery Pleasant’s brother.

What should I read after Skulduggery Pleasant?

If you liked Skulduggery Pleasant, try these:

  • The Graveyard Book. by Neil Gaiman. Published Sep 2010. Winner of the 2009 Newbery Medal and the 2009 Hugo Award. …
  • The Dangerous Book for Boys. by Conn Iggulden, Hal Iggulden. Published May 2007.

Is until the end the last skulduggery pleasant book?

The second cycle of the internationally bestselling Skulduggery Pleasant series comes to a thrilling end… UNTIL THE END. April 2022.

Who is Valkyries girlfriend in Skulduggery Pleasant?

The second cycle of the internationally bestselling Skulduggery Pleasant series comes to a thrilling end… UNTIL THE END. April 2022.

Is Lord vile Skulduggery true name?

Lord Vile (primary taken name: Skulduggery Pleasant) is a major antagonist in the Skulduggery Pleasant series.

What are the three names in Skulduggery Pleasant?

Skulduggery goes on to explain, “There are three names for everyone. The name you’re born with, the name you are given and the name you take. Your taken name seals your given name and protects it.”

Who is the unnamed in Skulduggery Pleasant?

The Unnamed was Mevolent’s master before Mevolent started The War.

What happened to Billy Ray sanguine?

Sanguine later appears at the Battle of Aranmore Farm and gets his stomach cut open by Valkyrie using Tanith’s sword. He screams “What have you done?” before disappearing into the earth.

Who is the antagonist in Skulduggery Pleasant?

We have you covered with an A-to-Z guide to the world of Skulduggery Pleasant. Argeddion is the main antagonist of Kingdom of the Wicked. He is a pacifist who wanted to bring magic to every mortal in the world, which would drive every mortal insane.

Who killed Anton shudder?

Shudder died in the sanctuary, by the Cleavers under Ravel’s command. The Cleavers struck in the weak points in Shudder’s armored clothing and then decapitated him.

What is a gist Skulduggery Pleasant?

A Gist is a type of Adept magic used by Anton Shudder and Temper Fray. It is a magical body fuelled by the user’s hate, anger and determination. When this magic is used, the gist takes the appearance of the user. The appearance of the actual gist is far more animalistic.

What is an adept in Skulduggery Pleasant?

The ability to pass through solid objects, which open up for you, leaving only cracks. Can also be mimicked by skilled Elementals such as Skulduggery Pleasant. Possibly becoming impervious to fire, as seen with Vindick Leather.

Is omen darkly the chosen one?

Please help Skulpedia by adding more content to this article. Omen Darkly is a Fifth Year student of Corrival Academy and the twin-brother of Auger Darkly, the Darkly Prophecy’s Chosen One.

What is a necromancer in Skulduggery Pleasant?

The Necromancers in Skulduggery Pleasant had the power to control death. Serpine used Necromancer methods to make the White Cleaver, and it was implied that they would be able to further stretch those powers. Morwenna Crow was a Necromancer. For offensive purposes, they control Shadows to do their damage.

What type of Mage is Skulduggery?

Grand Mages generally have a rather advanced grasp of their magic, and a wide knowledge of most aspects of the Magical World.

Grand Mage
China Sorrows, the current Grand Mage who doesn’t have any Elders alongside her.
Group Information
Location Global
Date Founded Before the events of Skulduggery Pleasant

Who is Fergus in Skulduggery Pleasant?

Fergus Edgley is Valkyrie’s uncle and Beryl Edgley’s husband. He is the brother of Desmond and Gordon and the father of Crystal and Carol. Fergus used to be quite close with his brothers as children, but they grew apart as the they got older.

Is Skulduggery Pleasant gothic?

Skulduggery Pleasant, a Feminist Middle-Grade Goth-Action-Fantasy Genius of a Book.

Is Lord Vile stronger than Mevolent?

Mevolent is more powerful than Lord Vile.

How old is Dexter vex?

Mevolent is more powerful than Lord Vile.

What does Darquesse mean?

Darquesse (real name: Stephanie Edgley and taken name: Valkyrie Cain) is the overall main antagonists of the Skulduggery Pleasant series. Like Lord Vile, she is split personality of Valkyrie. She awakens in Valkyrie’s mind not long after being able to access the power granted by her true name.

What car does Skulduggery Pleasant Drive?

Skulduggery Pleasant’s 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental is one of only 208 ever made. The car houses a six-cylinder, 4.5-litre engine, and was retro-fitted by Skulduggery Pleasant with central locking, climate control, satellite navigation and a host of other modern conveniences.

Who wrote Skulduggery Pleasant?

The Skulduggery Pleasant books, written by Irish author Derek Landy, are a favourite with readers and critics alike. Derek Landy’s books have sold over 2 million copies in the UK and Ireland and the series has won multiple awards including the Red House Children’s Book Award and the Irish Book Award.