What size is my le creuset bakeware?

How To Find Out What Size Your Le Creuset Cookware Is

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven Sizes
Le Creuset #22 3.5 Quarts 3.3 Liters
Le Creuset #24 4.5 Quarts 4.2 Liters
Le Creuset #26 5.5 Quarts 5.3 Liters
Le Creuset #28 7.25 Quarts 6.7 Liters

How can I tell what size my Le Creuset is?

For many cookware companies, markings signify the company, the batch number, even the location where the piece was made. Le Creuset markings, on the other hand, tell you the size of your piece. When you turn your piece over, you’ll find a number on the bottom. That number tells you the diameter in centimeters.

What do numbers on Le Creuset mean?

What do the numbers and letters molded into pieces of Le Creuset mean? The two-digit number signifies the item’s diameter or long dimension, without handles, in centimeters. Round Oven. 16 or A = 1.3L = 1.5 qt. 18 or B = 1.8L = 2 qt.

How do I know what size Dutch oven I have?

The diameter (in centimeters) is stamped into the bottom of most models so you will always have a size reference if you need it. You can also find the same measurement on the inside of most lids. You may find a letter marked on the bottom and lid of some older models as well.

What is the standard size Le Creuset Dutch oven?

Well, it is no secret that our 5 1/2 quart Round Dutch Oven and 6 3/4 quart Oval Dutch Oven are Le Creuset’s most popular sizes for a reason. These two sizes offer the most flexibility for most people, with the ability to scale up or down to accommodate whatever you are cooking.

What does 28 mean on Le Creuset?

A 28 on a round dutch oven means you’re holding a six-quart (6.7-liter) round cocotte. A 28 on a squat braiser signals it holds 3.25 quarts or 3.7 liters. Staub uses this system on their round and oval Dutch ovens (they call them cocottes), braisers, and fish dish.

How big is a Le Creuset 28?

How To Find Out What Size Your Le Creuset Cookware Is

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven Sizes
Le Creuset #24 4.5 Quarts 4.2 Liters
Le Creuset #26 5.5 Quarts 5.3 Liters
Le Creuset #28 7.25 Quarts 6.7 Liters
Le Creuset #30 9 Quarts 8.4 Liters

What size is Le Creuset 14?

What size is Le Creuset #14? Le Creuset size 14 is a small cast-iron casserole with a capacity of 1 US quart or 0.9 liters. Even though this small cooking pot is not a limited edition it is scarce.

Is all Le Creuset marked?

Sizing marks

There are sizing marks on the bottom of all Le Creuset pans, which identify the inside diameter of the pan. You can measure the pan and see whether everything matches up. If it doesn’t, it isn’t a Le Creuset.

How big is Le Creuset Sauteuse?

Wondering what you can make in the Le Creuset Sauteuse? The 3.5 qt size is perfect for 3-4 people for main dishes and one pot meals. For casseroles, salads, sides and dessert it will easily serve 4-6.

How big is a 4qt Dutch oven?

Compare with similar items

This item Round Dutch Oven Size: 4 Qt. Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven Color: Red, Size: 4-qt.
Color case Red
Item Dimensions 10 x 10 x 7 inches 0 x 0 x 0 inches
Material Aluminum Cast Iron
Size Apple 4 Quart

What size is a 6 quart Dutch oven?

9 Quart

1 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven 6 Quart Red Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Number of 8 oz. Servings (cups) 3 18
Dimensions 8.5″ L x 6.75″ W x 4″ T 13.56″ L x 10.93″ W x 7.31″ T
Weight 4.12 lbs 14.88 lbs
Great For side dishes and desserts one-dish wonders

What size Dutch oven is best for baking bread?

The best size Dutch oven for baking bread is a Dutch oven between the sizes of 5-quart and 7.5-quart – to accommodate the standard loaf of bread recipe. 5-quart to 7.5-quart provides plenty of room for the loaf to rise, form, and crust.

How big is a 3.5 quart Dutch oven?

What are the dimensions? BEST ANSWER: The 3.5qt is 9” in diameter and 6” high. The number 22 is under the lid.

What is the largest size Le Creuset Dutch oven?

The biggest Le Creuset Dutch oven is 13.25 quarts. This is equivalent to 12.4 liters and is marked on the lid and base with “34” or the letter “I”.

Is 24cm Le Creuset big enough?

If this is you, we would recommend any size from 24cm upwards (24cm, 26cm, 28cm and 30cm). If you’re looking to cook smaller amounts, or side dishes where portions may be smaller, then 18cm, 22cm or 24cm would be advisable.

How do I know if my Le Creuset is signature or classic?

Le Creuset Signature vs. Classic — What’s the Difference? – YouTube

Does Le Creuset discontinued colors?

Discontinued &amp, Retired Le Creuset colors

Many colors have been discontinued over the years… indeed many becoming collector’s items. If it is a retired color you really want, it is worth keeping an eye on outlet shops as they will often sell off remaining stocks.

Are Le Creuset seconds good?

Seconds are Le Creuset pots that are completely useable, but have very small flaws, and as such, are marked down. They often have a red sticker on them. I have seen them at Le Creuset outlet stores. You can find a list of outlet stores here.

What is the most popular color of Le Creuset?

Introduced in 1925, Flame is Le Creuset’s trademark hue. As eternal as its name, it is our most iconic color of all. Aptly known as Volcanique in France, it is a glowing, confident orange ready to fire up your kitchen and appetite.

What size is Staub 24?

The Staub Cocotte 24 cm (3.3 quarts), this 9.5-inch cocotte is the ideal size for a couple or small families to prepare everyday meals like casseroles, pasta, soups, and stews.

Is cousances Le Creuset?

The Cousances foundry in northeastern France began making cast iron pans in 1553, four centuries later, by then an international company, it was acquired by Le Creuset in 1957. Cookware under the Cousances brand continued to be manufactured by Le Creuset into the early 1980s.

Is Le Creuset now made in China?

Not all Le Creuset products get made in France, but the brand manufactures all cast iron products at the original foundry in Northern France. Le Creuset makes its stainless steel products in Portugal, the stoneware comes from Thailand and the accessories come from China.

Is Le Creuset stoneware made in China?

All cast iron is made in France, stoneware is made in china, and is very well made and chip resistant!

Does Le Creuset have imperfections?

Le Creuset has a strict no-flaw policy.

Each pot is inspected by 15 different people before it’s deemed suitable for sale, and around 30 percent of the company’s goods are rejected because of imperfections. Often, the products are melted back down and the iron is recycled to create new (flawless) products.

What is the difference between a sauteuse and an Sautoir?

“The one with the sloped sides is technically called a sauteuse. … And what we refer to as a saute pan here (in the U.S.) — the sautoir — is the one with the straight sides.” But you won’t need dozens of pots and pans to be a good cook — just good pans.

What does sauteuse mean?

Sauteuse is the French term for frying pan and can typically serve two purposes: as a classic sauté pan or as a rounded saucepan. The sauteuse is ideal for simmering, reduction, searing, sautéing, and frying.

What is the difference between a sauteuse and a Dutch oven?

Whereas a Dutch oven and sauté pan both have straight sides, the Sauteuse has sloped sides and rounded base to make it easy to get into the corners of the pot with a spatula or whisk. This is especially helpful when making sauces or continuously stirring dishes like risotto.

How big is 4QT?

Cookware Product Size Conversion Chart

Inches &amp, Centimeters Measurement Size (Quart) Product Description
8″ – 20CM = 4QT Saucepan, Saucepot
8.5″ – 21CM = 4.5QT, 5.5QT Saucepot
10″ – 24CM = 3QT, 5QT, 5.5QT, 6QT, 8QT Stockpot, Saute Pan, Pasta Pot
10.5″- 26CM = 4QT, 5.5QT, 10QT Saute Pan, Casserole, Stockpot, Sauteuse

What is standard Dutch oven size?

A 5–7 quart Dutch oven is the sweet spot for most home cooks. This size is great for cooking for four people (often with leftovers). Representatives from both Staub and Le Creuset tell us that their most popular size is 5 1/2-quarts, and that’s the size most Epi editors have at home, as well.

What sizes are Dutch ovens?

There’s no standard size for Dutch ovens, but the most popular sizes in terms of sales are the 5 or 6-quart models. The general rule when feeding a family or group of friends is to allow 1 quart per person with another 1 or 2 quarts for leftovers.

How big is an 8 quart Dutch oven?

Compare with similar items

This item Round Dutch Oven Size: 8 Qt. Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven, 8 Quart
Color case Deep Camp Dutch Oven
Item Dimensions 10 x 10 x 7 inches 13.2 x 13.4 x 8.6 inches
Material Aluminum Cast Iron
Size Apple 8 Quart

What are the dimensions of a 5.5 quart Dutch oven?

Compare with similar items

This item Lodge 5-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Iron Lid Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Handle Holders, 5 quart, Black/Red
Color Black Black/Red
Item Dimensions 11.25 x 11.5 x 4.75 inches 11.13 x 10.88 x 5.5 inches
Material Cast Iron Cast Iron
Size 5 quarts 5 Quart

How many quarts is a large Dutch oven?

Large Dutch Oven

If you’re often cooking for a big crowd, then a 9-quart is a good size for you. A large deep casserole, like this Le Creuset Dutch oven, is great for big batches of soup, making homemade chicken stock and dishes with a lot of liquid like this Beef Stew in Red Wine Sauce.

Which Le Creuset is best for baking bread?

Best Dutch Oven for Baking Bread

  1. 1 – Le Creuset Signature Enameled, 5 ½ Quart (Top Pick) Although on the smaller side as compared to other Dutch oven sizes, this modestly sized cookware (view on Amazon), is a great fit for baking bread. …
  2. 2 – Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven, EC6D43 (Budget Pick)

How big a Dutch oven do I need for sourdough?

A Dutch oven for baking sourdough should have a flat bottom, tightly sealing lid, and a capacity of 4-7 quarts (at least 4 times the size of the ball of bread dough) to ensure room for a good-sized loaf and space for the oven spring. A pre-seasoned Dutch oven is also ideal as it prevents rust.

Is Dutch oven too big for bread?

You don’t want your Dutch Oven too big – you want the steam inside to be right up close to your crust. But you don’t want it too small either or it will restrict the growth of your loaf of sourdough.