When was the first nfl thanksgiving game?

The NFL, which was 12 years old at the time, loved the idea and set them up against the best team of the time, the two-time defending champions, the Chicago Bears.

What year was the first NFL game played on Thanksgiving?

It was November of 1966 when the Cowboys played their first Thanksgiving Day game against the Cleveland Browns and won it 26-14 with 80, 259 fans in the stadium. The team had the president and GM Tex Schramm to thank for the Thanksgiving spot.

Why does Detroit play every Thanksgiving?

DETROIT – Why are we forced to watch the Detroit Lions every Thanksgiving? It all started when the Lions were actually the Portsmouth Spartans back in 1929. … The Lions would end up selling out their first Thanksgiving Day game (26,000 seats), and even though they lost to the Bears, a new tradition was born.

What NFL teams are playing on Thanksgiving 2021?

NFL Thanksgiving schedule 2021: Raiders-Cowboys, Bills-Saints and NFC North showdown on tap
  • Bears at Lions.
  • Raiders at Cowboys.
  • Bills at Saints.

What channel is football on Thanksgiving Day?

Options to Live Stream Thanksgiving Day 2021 Football Without Cable. As you can see from the schedule, the 3 games on Thanksgiving day will be broadcast on 3 separate networks – FOX, CBS and NBC.

What is the Detroit Lions record on Thanksgiving Day?

On Thanksgiving Day, the Lions own a 37-42-2 record. However, Detroit has not found success in recent years, last winning in 2016, 16-13, against the Vikings. The Bears and Lions have faced off on three of the last seven Thanksgiving games, with Chicago coming away with victories in two of those matchups.