Are Ram Mounts any good?

How secure is a RAM mount?

RAM Mounts are put through vigorous safety testing to ensure that your device will remain secure. Their patented design also absorbs vibration giving an additional level of security and protection to electronic devices.

Why does RAM mount come with glue?

To get the best use out of your RAM X-Grip®, it is recommended to adhere rubber caps to the steel arms using provided adhesive solution for extra security. Cut the tip of the adhesive stick to access, apply a small amount of adhesive to the inside of the cap as shown, and immediately reattach to the steel arm.

What is a RAM mount used for?

The RAM® X-Grip® is one of the best-selling phone mounts on the market, providing a secure hold in nearly any environment. In demanding and open cockpit applications where excessive wind and g-force could cause movement of your phone within the holder, you can ensure added peace of mind with the RAM® X-Grip® tether.

Who makes RAM mounts?

Our Company

Introduced in 1995 as part of National Products Inc. (NPI), RAM® Mounts is the leading manufacturer of rugged and versatile mounting solutions for nearly any application and device – including phones, tablets, cameras, GPS systems, laptops, marine electronics, printers, radios, and much more.

What is the rubber piece that comes with RAM mount?

RAM® X-Grip® Tether / MotoGeo Review

For this next gear review, we’re here to talk about the tether – that’s this little rubber piece that comes with the RAM® X-Grip® from RAM Mounts.

How do you put a phone in a RAM mount?

This mount to any metal surface. It’s gonna stick there and I’m gonna be able to view whatever’s on

How does the RAM mount tether work?

And you’re gonna get off-road. And it’s gonna get all bumpy. Then secure your device with the tether

How much weight can a RAM mount hold?

So, which ball mount do I need?
Ball Size Ball Diameter Weight Capacity *
B 1″ 2 lbs / 0.9 kg or up to 5 lbs in light applications
C 1 1/2″ 4 lbs / 1.85kg or up to 10 lbs in light applications
D 2 1/4″ 6 / 2.75 kg or up to 15 lbs in light applications

How big is the RAM Mount ball?

The RAM Mount A Size Ball Threaded Components consist of a male or female thread connected to a solid rubber A size ball. The A size ball is 9/16” in diameter, and when connect to an A size arm socket, you can create a mounting system to hold up to 1.0 lbs / 0.45 kg (in most cases).

What size ball does RAM mount use?

The RAM Rail Mounts for handle bars and railings with a 1″ rubber ball and or diamond base for adaptation to any other diamond base system.

Are Ram Mounts Universal?

The RAM® Finger-Grip is a universal holder that can accommodate a wide range of devices including GPS, handheld radios, phones, bluetooth speakers, and much more. … Mount your handheld device virtually anywhere with the RAM® Finger-Grip.

Where can I buy a dwarf Mount?

Dwarves: You get rams, purchased from Veron Amberstill at Amsterstill Ranch in Dun Morogh, not too far from Kharanos.