Can you freeze spinach and kale for smoothies?

Can you freeze fresh spinach and kale for smoothies?

One of the easiest ways to freeze spinach, kale, collard greens, chard, or any kind of leafy green is to steam it, blend it, and freeze it in cubes. You can use the leafy green cubes in smoothies, soups, or stew.

Can you freeze raw spinach and kale?

You can freeze kale (and bagged spinach), so you can keep it on hand without it getting all gross and stinky in the back of your refrigerator. It’s incredibly simple to do, but if you’re new to freezing vegetables make sure keep reading to understand how to make the best use of your frozen kale (or spinach).

Does spinach freeze well for smoothies?

Can You Freeze Spinach For Smoothies? Yes, absolutely. While freezing can cause a small loss of nutrients, the loss isn’t significant enough to worry about. Freezing spinach is a great way to have greens on hand any time you need them.

Can u freeze kale for smoothies?

Frozen kale is easy to drop into smoothies, sauces, and soups for a boost of color, flavor, and nutrition—and it’s incredibly easy to freeze. Even if you don’t have space to grow your own kale plant, you’ll want to stock up your freezer when kale is in season and on sale at your local farmers’ market or grocery store.

Can I freeze kale without blanching?

You can freeze kale without blanching, but plan to use it within four to six weeks. … For frozen kale that lasts eight to 12 months, blanch leaves and stems. Blanch leaves for 2.5 minutes, covering the boiling water pot with a lid to steam-heat floating leaves.

How long can you freeze spinach and kale?

Place the prepared greens in freezing containers or in ziplock bags. Squeeze as much air out of the bags as you can. Label and date the bags and place them in your freezer. Properly prepared, leafy greens will keep for 8 to 12 months in the freezer.

Can you freeze green smoothies?

Yes you can! This is for short term freezing a green smoothie – seven days or less. … If you are going to freeze them long term then you need to use a vacuum seal to keep them fresh or just place them into ziploc bag and they them flat in your freezer.

How do you prepare kale for a smoothie?

An easy way to prep kale for smoothies, salads, and other recipes: Use a sharp knife to slice the kale off of the tough middle stem, then chop the leaves into bite-size pieces. To wash the kale, we’re going to use a salad spinner. If you don’t have a salad spinner, I highly recommend investing in one.

How long can you freeze spinach for smoothies?

Freeze: Freeze for up to 1 month. Smoothie-time: You can add frozen spinach to your smoothies with no need to thaw so enjoy spinach on demand even if it’s out of season or unavailable in the store.

Can you freeze spinach without blanching?

If you know you’ll use your frozen spinach within six months, you can freeze it without blanching. … Another way to freeze spinach is to puree it with water and freeze in ice cube trays. After cubes freeze solid, toss them in a freezer bag. Spinach cubes are the perfect addition to green smoothies.

Can you put raw spinach in a smoothie?

Cooked vs. Raw. A 2010 article on “The Globe and Mail” website notes that cooked spinach is more nutritious than raw. When spinach is cooked, the high temperatures destroy the delicate cell walls, releasing nutritious antioxidants into the food.