did squid game detective die?

8. The Squid Game ending explained. Super-spoiler time, because we’re going to talk about the series’ ending. Seong Gi-hun wins, and he learns who’s really running the game (you may have figured it out since we don’t see this character die in the game, but it’s such a juicy plot twist that I won’t reveal it here).

Is the detective dead in squid game?

One character that left an impression on fans’ minds is Hwang Jun Ho. The righteous detective risks it all and enters the Squid Game as a masked employee. His death surprised many but also led to a major theory – he’s not dead. Coming to their rescue, the scene did have significant clues.

Did the brother die in squid game?

Despite infiltrating the games and collecting damning evidence of old man Oh Il-nam’s sadistic human experiment, Jun-ho was ultimately caught by his henchman and, in a shocking turn of events, the Front Man revealed himself to be his long-lost brother—before shooting his younger sibling, plunging him of a cliff.

What happened to Jun-Ho’s brother?

After being chased at the beach, the police Hwang Jun-ho confronted his brother, the Front Man on the edge of the cliff. It was here that he discovered the Front Man’s true identity, and after refusing his mysterious brother’s request to surrender, he was shot close to the chest, and his body fell to the sea.

Is Hwang Jun-Ho alive squid game?

Jun-ho was shot in the shoulder (before falling off a cliff into water). So he might not be dead, though he doesn’t seem to have ratted out the game masterminds to his fellow cops, since the game is continuing.

Does Juno die in Squid Game?

In the Netflix survival drama Squid Game, police officer Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon) ends up getting shot and falling off a cliff and into the ocean – an encounter that he most likely survived. Squid Game has very quickly become the most watched show out of Netflix’s September releases.