How can I get fancy number for my car in Chandigarh?

First of all, go to Vahan parivahan official website Open this website and select “Search by Number” from the main menu. Now select Chandigarh state and your RTO from dropdown menu, enter captcha code and Now enter the fancy number you want.

How can I get special number in Chandigarh?

The owner of the vehicle can register himself/herself on the National Transport website: and the link of the same is available on the Chandigarh Administration, Transport Department website: and obtain the Unique Acknowledgement Number (UAN).

How do I get a fancy car number?

Step 1: Register online on the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MoRTH) as a Public User. Step 2: After you sign up and log in to your account, select the fancy number. Step 3: Pay the required fees for registration and reserve the number. Step 4: Bid for your choice of VIP car number.

Which is the best fancy number for car?

Availability of VIP Vehicle Registration Numbers
001 0055 6060
0011 0333 7576
0022 0345 7777
0033 0444 8000
0044 0456 8118

What is a fancy number?

A fancy number is one which when rotated 180 degrees is the same. Given a number, find whether it is fancy or not. 180 degree rotations of 6, 9, 1, 0 and 8 are 9, 6, 1, 0 and 8 respectively.

How can I get VIP number in Chandigarh?

To buy a VIP vehicle number in Chandigarh, one has to go through e-auction and follow the proper way for the application that includes: The first step is to register for e-auction online on Chandigarh Administration Transport Department website:

How can I get Colour coded fuel stickers in Chandigarh?

Locations:-The owners of vehicles can apply for issuance of HSRP/Third Registration Plate/Colour Coded Sticker at R&amp,LA office Sector 17, Chandigarh and its branches i.e. SDM(South) Office, Sector-42, Chandigarh and SDM(East) Office, Indl. Area, Phase-I, Chandigarh as per their convenience.

How much does a fancy number cost?

Fees for Fancy Car/Bike Number Plates
Category Example of Numbers Booking Amount
Super Elite 0001 Rs. 5 lakh
Single Digit 0003, 0005, 0009 and so on Rs. 3 lakh
Semi-Fancy Numbers 0100, 0666, 4444, 8000, etc. Rs. 1 lakh
Others 0786, numbers from 0010 to 0099, and many others Rs.2 lakh

How do I get a VIP number?

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  1. FIND YOUR DESIRED NUMBER. Select your favourable mobile number. …
  2. MAKE THE PAYMENT. Once your chosen mobile number is finalised, proceed to checkout and make the payment.

How do I book a fancy number in UP?

How to register for reserved fancy number RTO
  1. Login or register new user, sign up with mobile number or Email ID.
  2. After Login Mani menu to select “user other services” tab and click on “search by number”
  3. Select number and To participate in E Auction click on E Auction tab.

How much does 8055 number plate cost?

Some of the special numbers in India are 8055 which means BOSS, 786, AK47, series of numbers like 444 or 555 or a single numeric 0-9. What’s the maximum amount you can think of getting these number plates? Up to Rs. 10-15 Lakhs.

What is VIP car number?

Practically speaking, a so-called VIP number plate is simply a way to attract attention to your vehicle and benefit from an additional street cred. This is the very reason often the affluent spend lakhs on a fancy number for their car. … Some popular VIP numbers include 0001, 0100, 1111, 4444, 0786, etc.

How can I get VIP number plate in Punjab?

Procedure to acquire VIP numbers for two-wheelers in Punjab
  1. Register as a new user.
  2. Log in with your new user ID and password.
  3. Select the module for ‘Notified Fancy Number Auction System’.
  4. Click on the series which has the number that you want.
  5. Now select your RTO, vehicle type, and the VIP number of your choice.

How can I get VIP number in India?

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  1. Select your desired fancy mobile number as per your choice from our vip mobile number collection.
  2. After selecting your desired vip mobile number proceed for next step with add to cart option.
  3. On Cart page you need fill customer indentification form to confirm authorized purchase.

How do you know if a number is a fancy number?

A 10 digit mobile number is called fancy if it satisfies any of the following three conditions.
  1. A single number occurs three consecutive times. Like 777.
  2. Three consecutive digits are either in increasing or decreasing fashion. Like 456 or 987.
  3. A single digit occurs four or more times in the number.

How can I find car owner details?

You can find the following details in the VAHAN website upon entering your vehicle’s registration number:
  1. Registration date.
  2. Chassis number (not mentioned in full)
  3. Engine number (not mentioned in full)
  4. Owner’s name.
  5. Vehicle class.
  6. Fuel type.
  7. Model and manufacturer details.
  8. Vehicular fitness duration.