How many black Christmas movies are there?

Black Christmas is a Canadian-American horror film series that comprises three standalone slasher films, as well as a novelization.

Are there two Black Christmas movies?

The story of Black Christmas has been told in three different, unrelated horror films, and here’s how they measure up, from 1974 to 2019. The story of Black Christmas has been told in three different, unrelated horror films, and here’s how they measure up, from 1974 to 2019.

Is Black Christmas 2019 a sequel?

Part of the Black Christmas series, it is the loose second remake of the 1974 Canadian film Black Christmas, after the 2006 film, and follows a group of sorority sisters at Hawthorne College as they are preyed upon by an unknown stalker.

What’s the Christmas movie with the black family?

Almost Christmas (film)
Almost Christmas
Produced by Will Packer
Starring Kimberly Elise Danny Glover John Michael Higgins Romany Malco Mo’Nique Nicole Ari Parker J.B. Smoove Gabrielle Union
Cinematography Larry Blanford
Edited by Troy Takaki

Is Black Christmas based on a true story?

“Black Christmas” was allegedly inspired by some real-life murders that occurred in Montréal, Québec, Canada during the holiday season. This is most likely based on Canadian serial killer Wayne Boden, who killed three women in Montréal, between October 1969 and January 1970.

Is Black Christmas on Netflix?

No. Despite Netflix’s plethora of holiday content, Black Christmas is not on the streaming service.

Why is Billy yellow in Black Christmas?

In the remake it is revealed that Billy was born with severe jaundice, which turned his skin yellow. Billy’s insanity was also explained as being the result of severe abuse at the hands of his mother, leading to the birth of his sister/daughter after being raped by his mother.

Is Black Christmas a feminist movie?

Luckily, the women of the film have banded together in order to defend themselves from the men. … In the end we leave the film with a lasting impression not of its killer, but of its women, forever cementing Black Christmas not just as a Christmas horror classic, but as a feminist essential.

Is a Black Christmas a bad movie?

Absolutely the worst movie I’ve seen in theaters for the year 2019. … It’s a horror movie based around how men are being kept down by women and they are using black magic to take the power back. Power that they never actually lost, of course. It’s just now their actions have consequences and they don’t like it.

What is the best slasher movie?

Top 10 Slasher Movies of All Time
  • Black Christmas (1974) …
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) …
  • Scream (1996) …
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) …
  • Alien (1979) …
  • Halloween (1978) …
  • Psycho (1960) …
  • Peeping Tom (1960) Released in 1960, the same year as Psycho, Peeping Tom has been endlessly compared to it ever since.

Are there any movies with a black Santa?

A down-and-out Santa is robbed of all the toys for all the poor kids in town. He searches for the thugs responsible and serves up his own brand of holiday cheer.

What movie has a black Santa?

Bad Santa is a 2003 American Christmas black comedy film directed by Terry Zwigoff and written by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa.
Bad Santa
Box office $76.5 million

What channel shows black Christmas movies?

2021 Dates, Times, and Channels

This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the Turner Movie Classics Channel.

What did Billy do to Agnes?

In the original, Billy is an unknown killer who taunts the sorority. In the remake, he was a deranged serial-killer who managed to escape a mental asylum while his half-sister/daughter Agnes (when Billy’s mom raped him) started killing the girls in a sorority house which was his old childhood home.

Who died Black Christmas 1974?

Black Christmas (1974)
  • Clare Harrison – Suffocated with a plastic bag by Billy.
  • Mrs. …
  • Janice Quaife – Killed off-screen by Billy.
  • Barb Coard – Stabbed 4 times by Billy with a Glass Unicorn.
  • Phyllis “Phyl” Carlson – Killed off-screen by Billy.
  • Officer Jennings – Throat slit by Billy off-screen.

What happened Billy Lenz?

It’s revealed that he has a rare liver disease that gives him jaundice.