How much does moose meat cost?

How many pounds of meat do you get from a moose?

A 1,600-lb (726-kg) moose will dress out at about 950 lbs (431 kg), yielding approximately 500 lbs (227 kg) of meat. Alaskans and nonresidents annually harvest 6,000 to 8,000 moose, which translates into about 3.5 million pounds of usable meat. Only bull moose have antlers.

Is it possible to buy moose meat?

Only through actual hunting or by gift or donation of wild animal is moose meat available to the public. Due to unusual eating habits, moose do not survive well under captive conditions, hence there are NO moose farms nor commercial moose meat availability. However, moose are the largest member of the DEER family.

How much does it cost to process a moose?

You can expect to pay between $750 and $1000 for processing an entire moose. – Basic processing of a well-cared for harvest and flash freezing is $1.25 per pound of the received weight.

How much does it cost to butcher a moose in Maine?

Check out our pricing below!
Deer $1.20 per pound hanging weight
Bear $1.20 per pound hanging weight
Moose $1.20 per pound hanging weight

How good is moose meat?

Low-Fat — Moose meat is virtually fat-free, containing only one gram of fat per serving, and of that one gram, less than half of it is saturated fat (the bad kind of fat that raises your LDL cholesterol levels). Thanks to its lack of saturated fat, moose meat is a much better choice than beef and other fatty meats.

What does moose meat taste like?

Moose meat tastes a bit like a much leaner, tougher, and meatier version of beef or bison. However, it has a very unique flavor that is much stronger and gamier than beef. Moose often also carries the flavor of their diet in the area they lived in, usually a floral taste from willow buds.

What is the best tasting game meat?

Elk is commonly considered among hunters to be one of the best wild-game meats. It’s similar to venison, but is usually leaner and has little-to-no gamey flavor. You can prepare elk meat as you would beef. Pros: An elk provides a massive amount of lean, organic meat that lacks fat and wild-game taste.

What is the nutritional value of moose meat?

Eating Game Meat
Species Protein % Calories (Kcal/100g*)
Moose 22.1 130
Ptarmigan 24.8 128
Rabbit 21.8 114
Wigeon 22.6 153

Can you buy hippo meat?

Villagers say hippo meat usually comes to markets unannounced. Its sale is illegal and it sells fast. “Sometimes we hear of hippopotamus meat in the village market,” said Agustin Ndimu, a wildlife officer with the WWF who tracks the hippo meat trade.

How much does it cost to have an elk butchered?

An average sized bull elk should cost no more than $300 to have butchered (give or take $50), depending on how large he is and if you get any jerky or sausage made.

How do you butcher a moose?

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How do you grind moose meat?

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How much does it cost to process a deer in Maine?

Basic deer processing typically costs $75 to $120, but it varies with each processor. If you order jerky and sausage, the cost will increase, generally at per-pound rates.