Is Bruce a good hardwood floor?

Bruce is the fast-food chain of wood flooring: competent but none too exciting. Much of its solid hardwood offerings are devoted to good old domestic oak, and options with hand-scraped or distressed finishes tend to be limited.

What kind of finish is on Bruce hardwood floors?

Fresh Finish from Bruce is a regular gloss urethane finish that adds shine and protects your hardwood floor from nicks and scratches. It is easy to apply, with a shine that lasts and revives older floors and is a great alternative to re-sanding and re-coating.

Where is Bruce hardwood Flooring made?

All BruceĀ® solid hardwood is made in the USA with domestically sourced lumber.

Who manufactures Bruce flooring?

AIP will own the Bruce brand and all other Wood Flooring segment brands. To ensure a seamless transition for our customers, AIP will have full access to the Armstrong Flooring brand for the sale of wood products for two years after closing.

How many times can you refinish Bruce Hardwood Floors?

Takeaway: Your worn down pre-finished hardwood flooring can be refinished up to 5 times. You can change the color of the entire floor each time that it’s completely refinished.

How thick is Bruce hardwood flooring?

Approximate Thickness (in.): 3/4 In. Approximate Thickness (in.): 3/8 In.

How long has Bruce Hardwood Flooring been in business?

We’ve been creating home flooring products right here in the United States for 100 years. Today, skilled craftsmen and women in 6 plants across the country produce our hardwood.

Is Bruce hardwood FSC certified?

Does Bruce and Armstrong have any FSC verified production plants? Yes, they both have an organizational FSC Chain of Custody certification (FSC C006997) which incorporates Beverly, WV, Somerset, KY, Oneida, TN and Vicksburg, MS. Customers with further questions should look to Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring.

What is the most durable flooring?

The 6 Most Durable Flooring Options for Your Home
  • 1 #1: Porcelain Tile.
  • 2 #2: Vinyl Plank (aka Luxury Vinyl)
  • 3 #3: Sheet Vinyl.
  • 4 #4: Hardwood.
  • 5 #5: Laminate.
  • 6 #6: Bamboo.
  • 7 Conclusion.

Does Bruce flooring make laminate?

Bruce Flooring is a popular choice among homebuilders. It’s a high-quality product that still has a reasonable price. The company is more than 100 years old and manufactures both hardwood floors and laminates.

How do you restore Bruce hardwood floors?

  1. Clean the floor with a vacuum that has a soft brush bottom. …
  2. Fill in small gouges with a Bruce Touch-Up Kit filler stick. …
  3. Wait for the filler material to dry.
  4. Sand the dried filler down flush with the floor’s surface. …
  5. Pour Bruce Fresh Finish into a 5-gallon bucket.

What’s best to clean hardwood floors?

Begin by dusting or sweeping your floors well. Then make a cleaning mixture using 4 cups warm water and a few drops of castile soap or dish soap. Do not shake, but gently mix this, then mop or scrub small sections at a time, drying them with a clean cloth or dry mop after.”