Is Cobb Stage 1 Safe?

What does a Cobb Stage 1 do?

The COBB Stage 1+Big SF Power Package is a simple bolt-on and tuning solution that will allow you to easily improve the power output of your 2015+ WRX! The heart of this package is the Accessport V3. It also provides increased airflow from the Big SF Intake &amp, Airbox combo.

Is Cobb Stage 1 WRX worth it?

The Stage 1 tune makes it work on all levels. Your Subaru WRX will be easier to drive and control, delivering a predictable power boost compared to the original stock tune. The peak boost is good as well.

How safe are Cobb tunes?

Yes they are safe. They are nothing more than a tool to simplify the tuning process (and yes they do show nifty gauges as well). As a tool though it enables you to use different maps on your car tailored to whatever modifications you have.

How much HP does stage 1 Add to WRX?

Stage 1 and Stage 1+BigSF map produces peak gains of +14% HP / +13% TQ over stock and maximum gains of +98% HP / +98%TQ over stock when using 93 octane fuel.

How much HP does a Stage 1 tune add?

A stage 1 tune is simply an ECU remap or chip tune. This is the most cost-effective way to modify any vehicle for performance. Turbo-diesel and turbo-petrol vehicles respond extremely well to stage 1 tuning and commonly see a 20 – 40% increase in bhp and torque.

What is needed for Cobb Stage 1?

Stage 1
  1. Intake Requirements: COBB Panel Filter- Optional. …
  2. Turbo Inlet. Stock turbo inlet hose- Required.
  3. Intercooler. Stock intercooler- Required.
  4. Cam-Driven Fuel Pump: Stock cam-driven fuel pump- Required.
  5. Exhaust Requirements: …
  6. Downpipe. …
  7. Boost Targets. …
  8. All other intake, exhaust, and engine components must be stock.

How much HP does a Cobb tuner add?

COBB shows that Stage 1 adds about 20 hp and 60 lb-ft of torque with just the COBB AccessPort and a panel filter, Stage 2 adds 65 hp and about 75 lb-ft over stock with COBB’s new EcoStang intercooler system and recommended cat-back exhaust, and Stage 3 finds a whopping 81 hp and 80 lb-ft of torque with a required turbo …

Does Cobb Accessport really work?

Absolutely. Though I definitely notice the horsepower increase and enjoy it, I think the Stage 1 tune vastly improves the WRX at what it does best – being One Car To Rule Them All. … COBB’s Stage 1 tune has transformed the car to drive the way I want it to drive, rather than having to work with its quirks.

Do I have to leave my Accessport plugged in?

The Accessport does not need to be plugged into the vehicle for the calibration to be in effect. You can disconnect the Accessport at this time or leave it plugged in to use any of the many features outlined below. Please note that the Accessport is designed to work with only one vehicle at a time.

How safe is Cobb Stage 2?

Flycaster said: Target boost for the Cobb Stage 2 maps is 17.5 psi, + 0.5 psi. The Cobb maps are considered “safe” by just about everyone other than SOA, especially if you run their 91 oct map.

Are Cobb OTS tunes safe Focus ST?

Super Moderator. Cobb OTS tunes are a starting point. They allow you a base line to begin adjusting the individual parameters with their Accesstuner software. In reality tunes are as safe as the person making the adjustments to the PCM.

What is a Cobb AccessPORT used for?

The Cobb AccessPORT is the world’s most flexible and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your Subaru. The AccessPORT allows you to replace conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations to unlock free power hidden within your ECU. This is the last engine management solution you’ll ever need.