Is Pap smear painful?

Pap smears shouldn’t hurt. If you’re getting your first Pap, it may feel a little uncomfortable because it’s a new sensation that your body isn’t yet used to. People often say it feels like a small pinch, but everyone has a different threshold for pain.

How can I make a Pap smear less painful?

Smear test top tips: How to make cervical screening more…
  1. Time your appointment with your period.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes.
  3. Ask for a woman to do the test.
  4. Ask for a smaller speculum.
  5. Put the speculum in yourself.
  6. Ask to change position.
  7. Don’t use lubricant.
  8. Use painkillers if necessary.

What does a Pap smear feel like?

Usually a small spatula or tiny brush is used to gently collect cells from the cervix for the Pap test. You may feel a light scratching when they take the cells, or you may feel nothing at all. You may also have some staining or bleeding after. Gynecological exams should not be painful, but they may be uncomfortable.

Is getting a Pap smear scary?

Pap Smear test is not painful, but due to the complexity of the procedure involved in collecting cervical cells, there is an uncomfortable feeling during and after the process, which might persist for a few hours.

How long does a Pap smear take?

Pap Smear Procedure

The test is done in your doctor’s office or clinic. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes. You’ll lie on a table with your feet placed firmly in stirrups. You’ll spread your legs, and your doctor will insert a metal or plastic tool (speculum) into your vagina.

Why is pap smear so painful?

When Pap smears are uncomfortable, it’s often because there’s a sensation of pressure in the pelvic region. Urinating beforehand can relieve some of this pressure. In some cases, your doctor might request a urine sample, so be sure to ask if it’s OK to use the restroom beforehand.

Does a pap smear hurt if you are a virgin?

The pelvic examination will not hurt. Many women describe the experience as a sensation of crowding or fullness in the vagina, however, there should be no pain.

How can I relax during a pap smear?

Be Comfortable

Don’t come in for your pap smear in your tightest pair of jeans and a body-hugging top. You need to have a sense of comfort to help you relax before and during the test. Wear comfortable clothing so you feel comfortable, and ask for a woman doctor, too, if that eases your mind. Be as relaxed as you can.

How do I prepare for a pap smear?

How you prepare
  1. Avoid intercourse, douching, or using any vaginal medicines or spermicidal foams, creams or jellies for two days before having a Pap smear, as these may wash away or obscure abnormal cells.
  2. Try not to schedule a Pap smear during your menstrual period.

What do you wear during a Pap smear?

Because you will need to remove all clothing from the waist down for a Pap smear, you might consider wearing a dress or skirt so that all you have to take off is your underwear and shoes, but this is purely a personal preference. It may be just as easy for you to slip out of a pair of jeans, slacks, or sweatpants.

Should I shave for a Pap smear?

It doesn’t take much to prepare for a pap smear. Some women may feel like they need to shave their pubic hair, but it’s unnecessary for this test. You should only tackle it if you’ll be more comfortable. Your doctor has seen it all, so a little bit of pubic hair won’t bother him.