What can i use for a steamer basket?

If you have an elevated wire cooling rack, that can also be used in place of a proper steamer. Use it exactly how you would a steamer basket: add an inch of water to a pot with a tight fitting lid, place the wire cooling rack in the pan, and place the food on top of the rack.

What can I use if I don’t have a steamer basket?

The technique is simple: fill a medium pot with 1/2 inch of water, place three golf ball–sized balls of aluminum foil on the bottom, rest a heat-proof plate on top of the foil balls, cover the pot, and bring the water to a boil. … The aluminum-foil-and-plate combo basically becomes a DIY steamer basket.

How do you make a homemade steam basket?

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What can be used in place of a steamer?

5 Ways to Steam Vegetables Without a Basket

  • Fill a metal strainer or colander. Choose a saucepan that’s wide enough to hold the metal strainer around the rim, and deep enough that the strainer doesn’t touch the bottom. …
  • Grab a wire cooling rack. …
  • Use a splatter screen. …
  • Try a foil pie tin. …
  • Fire up the microwave.

How do you make a homemade steamer?

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Can I use a plastic colander as a steamer?

So, can you use a colander as a steamer? This hack says yes. It’s just simple. All you need to do is put your food in a large colander and set it on top of your pot of water.

How do you steam an instant steamer without a basket?

If you do not have a steamer basket, you can still make Instant Pot Broccoli. Simply use the trivet that your Instant Pot came with (this is the metal “rack” that keeps food out of the water on the bottom).

How can I steam my face without a steamer?

How to Steam Your Face Without a Steamer

  1. The easiest way to get a steam facial is to run a hot shower for 5 to 10 minutes, then place your face in, or very close to, the steam. …
  2. Take a towel and soak it in hot water, wring it out so that it is no longer dripping, and drape it over your face.

How do you steam a pudding without a steamer?

Place the pudding in the top of a steamer or, if you don’t have a steamer, put the pudding in a large saucepan with about 3–5 cm of boiling water in the bottom, and cover with a tight fitting lid. Allow the water in the pan to simmer gently for the required cooking time.

How can I steam clothes without a steamer?

Unwrinkle clothes in the dryer

If you can, spritz the items with water and toss them in with a damp item or two (like damp socks). You can even throw a couple of ice cubes into the dryer. When they melt, they give off steam that’ll help your garments ditch their wrinkles. Spin for about 15 minutes on medium.

Can you steam vegetables in a colander?

To steam vegetables with a strainer or colander, follow the same steps as you would with a steamer basket. … Once water starts to boil, add your vegetables to the strainer or colander. Cover pot with a lid and reduce heat to medium.

How do you make dim sum without a steamer?

Add a few inches of water, bring to a boil, then lower to a medium simmer. Rub a little sesame oil on the plate, then place as many dumplings as will fit on top (without crowding). Gently lower the plate onto the foil balls, then cover pot with a lid. Let steam for 7-8 minutes or until cooked through.

Can I use plastic for steaming?

While plastic plates may not melt in the steamer, it’s better to be safe by using oven-proof, microwave-safe, heat-resistant, or tempered glass plates. In addition, cool plates on the counter to avoid shocking and cracking the glass.

Will a plastic colander melt?

Colander designs

Plastic colanders can be damaged if set on a hot surface, some people also fear that some plastics might melt if too hot a boiling liquid such as oil is poured through them. Plastic ones can also stain. Ceramic ones often only have holes in the bottom. Metal ones will have a lip around the top rim.

Is plastic safe for steaming?

The experts seem to agree. It’s best to avoid steaming in plastic microwave containers. It can cause problems such as: Hormone disruption.

How do you steam your face with a towel?

Have a seat, drape your towel over your head and the pot, and hold your face 6 inches above the water. Raise or lower your head for more or less heat and lift a corner of the towel to cool off if needed. Steam your face for 5 to 10 minutes.

How do you use Vicks as a face steamer?

All you’ll need is to add 1-2 teaspoons of Vicks VapoRub to a bowl of hot water. Slowly inhale the vapours and feel the relief with every breath.

Can I use lemon to steam my face?

In a pan boil 1/2l of water, then pour it into in a bowl and add 10 drops of lemon essential oil or lemon juice, take a towel, place in upon your face upon the bowl and close your eyes. Wait for 10 minutes. In a bowl, add 1 teaspoon of honey, lemon and sugar or salt. Mix it and apply it on your face.

Can you steam a pudding in a plastic bowl?

However, the bowl shape doesn’t distort during steaming and the pudding turns out easily. For perfect results we’d suggest steaming your pudding in a stoneware basin and transferring to one of these plastic ones to transport, freeze or give away.

How do you steam a shop bought Christmas pudding without a steamer?

How to… steam your pudding on the hob

  1. Cover the pudding basin with tin foil, tucking it in well at the outer rim.
  2. Stand the pudding in the bottom of a large pan and add boiling water until it comes halfway up the pudding basin.
  3. Put the lid on the pan and simmer gently for 2 hours.

Do you put a lid on when steaming a pudding?

The pudding basin itself should be tightly covered. The pan or steamer attachment should be covered with a lid as this creates the steamy enviroment in which the pudding cooks, as well as trying to limit the evaporation of water from the pan and the condensation that will build up in the kitchen.

How do you hand steam clothes?

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How do you UnWrinkle clothes fast?

Removing Wrinkles from Clothes

  1. Use your clothes dryer. Add something moist—a couple of ice cubes or a damp towel—with your wrinkled clothes in the dryer. …
  2. Use a wrinkle-removing spray or make one. …
  3. Hair care products are for more than hair! …
  4. Dampen a towel. …
  5. Make your own steam. …
  6. Use a hot cooking pot.

How do you steam a wrinkled dress?

Using a steamer is as easy as heating the thing up, hanging the wrinkled item on a sturdy hanger, and steaming away. After steaming, let the garment dangle on the hanger for 10 or so minutes to allow the wrinkles to ease out, post-steaming.

Can I use a metal strainer as a steamer?

If you don’t steam food frequently—‚or if you find yourself in need of a steaming basket, stat—don’t run out and buy one. All you need is a metal colander or a baking rack, a big pot, and some aluminum foil, and you’ve got everything you need to make a steamer at home.

Which vegetables can be steamed?

Which vegetables can I steam?

  • Good vegetables to steam – Broccoli, spinach and other leafy greens, cauliflower, asparagus, carrots, green beans, small potatoes and artichokes.
  • Veg to avoid steaming – Any large chunks of hard veg, such as potatoes, squash or celeriac.

Can you boil dumplings instead of steaming?

To boil dumplings, submerge them in a hot liquid, such as hot water or soup, to cook. Boiling dumplings yields a softer texture than steaming.

How do you make Bao buns without a bamboo steamer?

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How do you steam dumplings with parchment paper?

How to make perforated paper liner for steamers

  1. Get a piece of parchment / baking paper and fold in half,
  2. Fold into quarters,
  3. Then continue folding twice more until you have a fairly thin triangle, like depicted,
  4. Hold over the cooking vessel with pointy end lined up in the middle,

Can you steam with Pyrex?

A pyrex pie dish, or other dishes safe for oven use, will work well. Once the dish of food is positioned on your rack over the water, cover the lid. … Simply turn up the heat to medium/medium high to bring the water to a simmer, and your food will steam!

Can I use microwavable glass container for steaming?

Steaming is fairly gentle in terms of heating, and if you let it cool on the counter, you should be fine. Note that I would not do this with any delicate or thin glass. Think about it this way: if you would use the glass in the microwave, the steamer should be fine as well.

Can you put Tupperware in a steamer?


You can make a whole meal in your Tupperware® SmartSteamer. For example, place the fish or poultry in the Steamer Base and the vegetables in the Colander.

Why You Should Never drain pasta in your sink?

Because pasta is made of flour, it releases starch into the cooking water as it boils, creating a white, cloudy liquid that we often deem “dirty” and then dump down the sink. Big mistake. That’s the liquid gold we’re talking about. Why would you want to keep that cloudy liquid, you may ask?

Is colander same as strainer?

A strainer is really a catchall name for any type of, well, strainer. It is usually fine mesh and bowl-shaped, good for rinsing a pint of berries or draining pasta. A colander is typically a larger bowl-shaped strainer, often with bigger holes (although that’s not always the case).

Can you drain pasta in a plastic colander?

The holes in plastic colanders are also larger and sometimes widely spaced, so liquids won’t drain out as quickly. … If you only get one colander, get one that’s roughly the size of the pot in which you boil pasta or potatoes, so that you know that its contents will fit.