What color hair filler should i use?

For your filler Colour choose a Colour 1-2 shades Lighter than your goal Brunette.

How do I choose a color filler?

2. It should be 1-2 Shades Lighter than your goal Brunette. For Example:
  1. Your Pre Lightened Colour. 9 Very Light Blonde.
  2. Your Goal Colour. 5 Light Brown.
  3. Your Colour Filler needs to be. 7.3 Golden Blonde.

Do I need a filler to go from blonde to brown?

Without a filler, you risk the brown color turning muddy or even green. Also, you might end up with uneven spots, and some pieces will turn splotchy. … To go blonde in the first place, you are removing the red, warm pigments, so when you go back to a brown color, a filler adds back the missing color molecules.

What does protein color filler do?

Colorful Products Protein Filler can be used to evenly distribute hair color, refresh fading hair color and to correct porous hair that reflect unwanted hues from hair coloring errors and contact with chlorine.

How do you use filler before coloring hair?

As a pre-color treatment: Apply the filler evenly throughout your clean, towel damp hair, and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Do not rinse the product from your hair. Apply the color as usual. After rinsing the color follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.

How do you use protein color filler #2 warm brown?

Hair color use: To evenly distribute hair color, add half the bottle of protein filler into hair color mixture then mix. Next, apply this mixture to the ends of the hair. Leave the mixture on the hair for 15 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, add water to massage hair into a lather then rinse thoroughly.

Should I use a protein treatment after coloring my hair?

Yes, hair should be healthy prior to adding color, but using a protein treatment after is a better option. … As our hairstylist expert suggests, use the protein treatment a week or two after you apply your color and enjoy your new color.

Why did my hair turn brown when I dyed it blonde?

The main cause of hair color appearing progressively darker over repeated applications is in the application of the dye itself. … This goes for any shade—from black hair, to blonde, to anything in between. That’s right—only color your roots and new growth with permanent color.

How do I fill my blonde hair into a brunette?

She’s a blonde she’s not combed up right now but. So she wants to go back to dark. So we’re gonna do

How can I dye my dark brown hair blonde without it turning orange?

A blue shampoo will neutralize orange tones. For hair that has been bleached blonde, use a specifically purple shampoo, and for hair that has been bleached to a lighter brown, use a blue-tinted purple shampoo. Purple shampoos work by balancing out yellow tones, since purple and yellow are opposite on the color wheel.

Is Olaplex a protein filler?

Olaplex is a hair rebonding treatment designed to reduce breakage on chemically-treated or heat-styled hair. It relinks the bonds responsible for giving your hair strength, shape, and elasticity. … Olaplex is not a protein treatment.

How do you know what hair Colour suits you?

“To determine what will work, you need to know if have a warm, cool, or neutral skin tone and one easy way to find out is to look at your veins,” she advises. If your veins are purple or blue, you’re cool, if they’re greenish, you’re warm, if you’re seeing both, you’re most likely a neutral tone.

How do you use a colorful neutral protein filler as a conditioner?

Colorful Neutral Protein Filler can be used to make an excellent protein hair reconstructing conditioner, by diluting it with 1/3 water. You can also add between 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon to a handful of your favourite protein free conditioner for a protein boost.

What does a neutral protein filler do?

Colorful Neutral Protein Filler ensures marvelous color results. Equalizes hair porosity for even color absorption and development and repairs previously damaged protein bonds. Protects hair against new chemical damage.

How do you use red color protein filler?

Massage hair into a lather, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Color corrector: To correct hair that is too porous, apply the protein filler to wet hair. Massage hair into a lather, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Can you color damp hair?

You can dye your hair while it’s wet, but the color might be less vibrant, it might not last as long, and it might be a little more uneven than it would be if you colored it while it was dry.