What is the best bit to start a horse with?

Snaffles. Logically, a simple snaffle is the best choice. Leave any type of curb to more advanced training. The first choice will probably be a jointed snaffle bit with smallish rings that would be unlikely to catch on anything if the horse does try to rub its face.

What bit should you start a horse in?

A mouthpiece around 16mm is a great place to start, and 14mm is the thinnest permitted for young horse dressage classes- and most trainers would not use anything thinner than this on a green horse.

What is the easiest bit on a horse’s mouth?

One of the most common types of snaffle bit is the eggbutt, which is considered to be the gentlest type of snaffle bit because it doesn’t pinch the corners of the horse’s mouth. It has an egg-shaped connection between the mouthpiece and the bit-ring.

What is the best bit for a beginner rider?

3. Your own riding hands and expertise: Beginners should usually use simple snaffles or even a hackamore only. They are the most forgiving and do not magnify rider errors.

How do you start a horse with a bit?

Whether bitting your horse for the first time or transitioning to a new bit, put the headstall and bit onto your horse in a comfortable, confined space such as his stall, and let him wear it daily – slowly working the time up to several hours – before you add reins or pressure. He can eat with it. He can drink with it.

What is a jointed snaffle?

The plain, jointed snaffle is the bit in which many horses begin their education. It’s the most basic design of bit, with a single joint in the center of the mouthpiece. … Some horses with a low palate may go better in a multi-jointed bit, such as a French Link snaffle.

Are snaffle bits cruel?

Dr Cook considers the bit to be cruel and counterproductive, as it controls the horse through the threat of pain– similar to a whip. In response to this discomfort, the horse can easily evade the bit, positioning it between their teeth or under their tongue, you could therefore be taken for an unexpected gallop.

Are snaffle bits good for horses?

Snaffle bits are generally gentler on a horse’s mouth than other types of bits while still providing adequate communication. When a rider pulls the reins, the snaffle bit puts pressure on the bars, lips, and tongue of the horse’s mouth. When using a snaffle bit, no pressure is applied to the horse’s poll.

What does a Tom Thumb bit do?

The Uses of a Tom Thumb Bit

Because it is jointed, it has a nutcracker action in the mouth. Combined with the leverage action provided by the shanks, the bit will apply pressure to the horse’s head over the poll and under the chin as the curb chain or strap pulls upward.

What is the softest bit to use on a horse?

The softest bits are generally snaffle bits made of rubber. Rubber offers a smooth fit on the bars of the horse’s mouth, while the snaffle’s rings fit softly in the corners of the horse’s mouth without pinching.

What are spade bits?

Also commonly known as paddle bits, spade bits have a wide, flat blade. … The flat, broad blade of a spade bit has a pilot point attached to a 1/4-inch diameter shank that can be chucked into both regularly-chucked drills and quick-chuck impact drivers.

What bit to use after a snaffle?

Tom Mouthpiece: A Bristol type bit, with a three piece mouth that gives wraparound pressure on the bars and spreads pressure across the tongue. A nice transition bit from a snaffle to a shank.

What is the gentlest bit?

The gentlest type of snaffle bit is the Eggbutt snaffle. The name comes from the somewhat egg-shaped connection between the mouthpiece and the bit-ring. The mouthpiece of an eggbutt can be made of a variety of materials (as can any bit), including copper and synthetic (either solid or covered).

Which snaffle bit is best?

The 7 Best Horse Bits – Reviews 2021
  1. Coronet Mouth Training Bit with Copper Port – Best Overall. …
  2. AJ Tack Jr. …
  3. Professional’s Choice Futurity 3 Piece Twisted Wire Bit – Premium Choice. …
  4. Reinsman Sharon Camarillo Lifesaver Plus Touch Bit. …
  5. Equisential by Professionals Choice Short Shank Smooth Snaffle Bit.

What is the difference between a Tom Thumb bit and a snaffle bit?

The Tom Thumb Bit – A Bit for the Well-Trained Western Horse

The Tom Thumb snaffle bit starts as a regular snaffle, applying direct pressure to the mouth, lips and to the bars of the horse’s mouth. With the addition of shanks however, the Tom Thumb bit moves beyond the regular snaffle motion by adding leverage action.