What is the best size cage for a Syrian hamster?

Size. Aim for a minimum of 24 inches by 12 inches, and at least 12 inches tall. However, to keep your hamster active and happy, try to get a bigger cage—when it comes to hamster cages, bigger is always better. Syrian hamsters need ample space to run and play, and the actual floor space of the cage is important for this …

What is the best cage for a Syrian hamster?

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Do Syrian hamsters need a large cage?

Syrian hamsters should be housed in a large, mesh cage. They like to climb and roam around large areas, so the cage should have several levels and a large enough floor space to keep them active.

Is a 20 gallon tank big enough for a Syrian hamster?

We think a 20 gallon hamster tank is a good option for most hamster breeds, and probably the minimum you should consider for a Syrian hamster. … Ideally you want the bottom floor of your 20 gallon hamster tank to be long and low. A 30 gallon tank however would be better, and a 40 gallon tank ideal.

Is a 40 gallon tank big enough for a Syrian hamster?

A 40 gallon breeder tank is above the “recommended” minimum in the states. But, I can almost guarantee you a Syrian (especially a female) will not be happy in there. Syrians always want TONS of space. And pretty much whatever size cage you give them, they will still try to escape.

How big should a Syrian hamster cage be Rspca?

Most hamsters are kept in cages that are too small, very much under the RSPCA’s 80x50cm continuous floor space minimum. Modular cages are marketed as permanent living dwellings, yet they often can not even accommodate the right wheel size for a Syrian and are so small that they can cause chronic stress.

How big do Syrian hamsters get?

Syrian hamsters grow up to 5 to 7 inches (13-18 cm). Lifespan: On average, they live for 2 years. Diet: Hamsters are omnivores.

What size bars can a Syrian hamster fit through?

Pretty much all Syrians can fit through 1 inch spaces, so I wouldn’t risk putting him in a cage with spaces that large. He’d have to be extremely large or very overweight to be unable to squeeze through 1 inch.

How many inches of bedding does a Syrian hamster need?

Bedding is meant to provide comfort for the animal and should not be used sparingly. A depth of 2 to 3 inches will allow your hamster to burrow and allow plenty of excess after your daily cleaning removal.

How deep should Syrian hamster bedding?

According to research conducted by the Division of Animal Housing and Welfare of the Vetsuisse Faculty at the University of Berne, cages with deep bedding depth (40cm deep and more) have been shown to enhance the welfare of Syrian hamsters.

How many gallons does a Syrian hamster need?

A lot of people keep hamsters in 10-gallon tanks, but the Humane Society writes: Size: Minimum 24 inches long and 12 inches wide, 10-gallon aquariums are too small. Consider not only size but shape—a long aquarium is better than a tall aquarium with unused height.

Is a 50 gallon tank good for a hamster?

The bigger the better, a 50 gallon is great!

Is a glass cage good for a hamster?

Many hamsters are kept in glass tanks with a secure wire mesh top. A glass tank may better protect your hamster from other pets and small children. … Glass tanks can heat up quickly and cause your hamster distress. The tank should always be kept in a well-ventilated but draft-free location.

Is a 75 gallon tank good for a Syrian hamster?

A 75 gallon tank would be a great sized cage for a hamster! Yep, all you would need are the necessities for a Syrian hamster after getting the tank cleaned out and ready.

Is a 15 gallon tank good for a hamster?

Like others have mentioned, a 15 gallon tank is too small. The minimum tank size would be the size of a 20 gallon. But you can make a cheaper cage for your hamster than a 20 gallon tank. One alternative is a bin cage, which is basically a large storage bin converted to a hamster cage.

How much does a 20 gallon fish tank cost?

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