Which camellia is best?

The Best Camellia Varieties
  • Setsugekka. The wavy white petals of the setsugekka look as fragile as tissue paper. …
  • Debbie. Perfect for pink-lovers, the bright pink petals of Debbie’s flowers are absolutely gorgeous. …
  • Yuletide. …
  • Australis. …
  • Lavinia Maggie. …
  • Bonanza. …
  • Pink Icicle. …
  • Chansonette.

What is the most beautiful camellia?

11 of the Most Beautiful Camellia Varieties to Grow at Home
  • Jordan’s Pride.
  • Kramer’s Supreme.
  • Mine No Yuki.
  • Moonshadow.
  • October Magic Carpet.
  • Pink Perfection.
  • Shishi Gashira.
  • Yuletide.

What is the hardiest camellia?

Extremely hardy, award-winning Camellia japonica ‘Korean Fire’ is a lovely spring-blooming Japanese camellia with masses of single, funnel-shaped, deep red flowers and a conspicuous center of golden-yellow stamens.

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Hardiness 6 – 9
Height 10′ – 15′ (3m – 4.5m)
Spread 5′ – 8′ (150cm – 240cm)

What is the most fragrant camellia?

Beginning in the early 1960s, efforts were made using the most scented species, Camellia lutchuensis, to incorporate floral fragrance into commercially acceptable cultivars. Several charming Lutchuensis hybrids have been created since then for the pleasure of our eyes and noses.

What is the longest blooming camellia?

Prized for its long-lasting season, award-winning Camellia japonica ‘Carter’s Sunburnt’ is a remarkable Japanese camellia boasting very large, semi-double to loose peony-form flowers, 5.5 in.

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Hardiness 7 – 9
Height 6′ – 8′ (180cm – 240cm)
Spread 6′ – 8′ (180cm – 240cm)

Which camellias are fast growing?

Camellia Species

The Sasanqua camellia is faster growing, with an eventual height of 6 to 10 feet and spread of 5 to 7 feet. Japanese varieties grow a bit slower, usually to a height and spread of 6 to 10 feet.

What’s the difference between sasanqua and japonica camellias?

While the Japanese (Camellia japonica) and sasanqua (Camellia sasanqua) camellias are very similar, the main difference between the two species is their bloom time. Japanese camellias may bloom between fall and spring, depending on the cultivar.

Are sasanqua camellias Hardy?

If so, Don suggests you consider planting sasanqua camellias (Camellia sasanqua). These wonderful plants are hardy, versatile, and they don’t have to be sprayed with chemicals. They can be clipped into a formal style or left to grow naturally.

What are the two types of camellias?

The two most popular classifications of camellias are Japonica and Sasanqua. The overall appearance of camellia varieties also makes them unique to one another.

When should you plant camellias?

The best time to plant camellias is in fall or early spring. Fall is best in warmer areas, as it gives the plants time to grow deep root systems without the stress of summer heat. In cooler areas, plant in the spring for best results.

Do camellias smell nice?

Although camellias are known for their spectacular flowers, handsome foliage and tolerance for shade, they are conspicuously short on scent. … Some smell lemony, some like jasmine and a few like anise.

What do camellia flowers symbolize?

Generally, camellia flowers symbolize love, affection, and admiration. Camellia flowers are available in white, pink and red with each color having its own unique symbolism. … Pink camellias symbolize a longing for someone and is given to someone who is missed. Red camellias symbolize love, passion, and deep desire.

Are there yellow camellias?

Yellow Camellias – My Golden Dream. The second California Gold Rush occurred in 1982 when members of the Northern California Camellia Society had a chance to see a small bush of C. chrysantha from the University of California at Berkeley Botanical Gardens. The new camellia species would produce golden yellow flowers.

Do camellias flower twice?


They were originally only single flowers but over the last 40 years more showy double flowers have been bred. There are fewer williamsii varieties compared to japonica.

Do Camellias stay green all year?

As the name suggests, these plants stay green all year long, which can brighten many a winter garden, especially in northern climates.

What are the different types of camellias?

There are numerous species of Camellia (about 250) but the Camellia types commonly grown as landscape shrubs are Camellia sasanqua, Camellia japonica, and hybrids of these. Camellia reticulata, Camellia hiemalis, Camellia vernalis, and their hybrids are less commonly used in landscapes.