Will Starbucks restock confetti cups?

Will Starbucks color-changing cups be restocked?

Now, Starbucks is back with a new line of color-changing tumblers in seasonal colors. The tumblers in Starbucks’ summer 2020 collection come in five shades. … While these are a seasonal product and will only be available while supplies last, Starbucks has confirmed that they will be restocked throughout the summer.

How do you get a Starbucks confetti Cup?

Starbucks new reusable cups are available to purchase for a limited time only while supplies last. Use the Starbucks Store Locator to find your nearest Starbucks store or Drive Thru, where the colour-changing cups are available at selected locations – just ask at the order window.

Is Starbucks still selling reusable cups?

Only clean cups will be accepted, Starbucks partners will not be able to clean them for customers. In addition, the company is currently testing safe options for allowing personal reusable cups via the drive thru, but for now personal reusable cups will only be accepted in stores.

Can I bring any reusable cup to Starbucks?

Bring a Reusable Cup or Competitor’s Paper Cup and Get a Discount. … 10 discount on your drink. You can use any reusable cup you want to get the discount, it does not have to be a Starbucks reusable cup. You can not use one of Starbucks “for here” cups to get the discount.

Why can’t I buy Starbucks cups online?

The chain closed the retail portion of Starbucks.com on Oct. 1 after letting customers know the closure was coming in mid-August. It was an abrupt end to not just an opportunity to buy Starbucks items online, it also ended the company’s subscription program. Starbucks won’t be selling anything on its website anymore.

How much water does a Starbucks confetti cup hold?

Starbucks Color Changing Confetti Reusable Cold Cup with Rainbow Striped Straw, 24 fl oz, Set of Two.

How much is a Starbucks reusable cold cup?

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