Do you need Hue+ for Aer RGB?

Do Aer fans need hue 2?

No, you will not need the hue 2 device in order to add another AER RGB 2 fan. The included smart controller v2 will be able to accommodate up to 4 RGB fans in the system 🙂 11 of 11 found this helpful.

Do you need hue for NZXT fans?

NZXT’s lighting system is proprietary so you will need the Hue+ to change the color of the fans.

Do you need the NZXT RGB controller?

These devices have an NZXT RGB Connector that can allow you to connect up to 40 LEDs to your cooler. … Keep in mind these coolers are only compatible with other NZXT RGB products. That being said, you do not need a separate RGB controller for these Krakens.

How do you use Aer RGB 2 fans?

Now. You’re going to plug in your out labeled end of the fan connection cable to the one of the

Does my PC need a fan controller?

You don’t need a fan controller though, you can get a 3 or 4 pin fan splitter to connect two fans to a single fan header.

Where do you connect RGB fans?

Install the fans in your PC case, and screw it in the designated areas. 3. Use RGB Y-Cable to connect the fan and the motherboard. Please use RGB 4-Pin connector to an RGB header, and 4-pin fan connector to a fan header on the motherboard.

Can you daisy chain NZXT fans?

All of our NZXT RGB Accessories can be daisy-chained with each other to improve the cable management of your build. This is made possible through connection cables that go between many different NZXTproducts.

How do I add RGB fans to h510 elite?

There are 2 FAN-Channel cables going from the Smart Device unit to the included top and rear fans. Just replace these connectors with your new fan cables for power connection. There are 2 LED channels on the Smart Device v2 and you can connect 5 RGB fans on a single channel using the IN and OUT ports on the fans.

How do I use NZXT Hue 2?

And while first gen a or RGB fans. And hue plus LED strips are supported. They do require their own

How do I control RGB lights on my PC?

To cycle through the RGB modes, press the LED light button on the top of the PC next to the power button. In order to configure the LED settings, double click on the Thermaltake RGB Plus program on your desktop. To enable or disable a component, you can click the green or red icon next to the fan’s name.

Are NZXT fans good?

The fans are very quite and virtually undetectable if your in a room with even slight background white noise. These are high airflow fans designed for case cooling and are not optimal or recommend for use on a radiator. Unfortunately, NZXT does not make a static pressure version with RGB at this time.

Can NZXT cam control other fans?

CAM is only able to control fan speeds via a compatible NZXT fan controller. Devices such as the Smart Device V2, RGB &amp, Fan Controller, Grid V3, Kraken X2 Coolers, Kraken Z3 Coolers, and any of our NZXT N7 Motherboards can control fan speeds for devices connected to them.

Are Aer RGB 2 fans good?

The AER RGB 2 fans are also performance engineered for static pressure. This means that you can use them with a static pressure radiator (such as an AIO liquid cooler). In addition, their unique shape allows them to create awesome visual lighting effects and uniform light dispersion.

How do you daisy chain Aer RGB 2 fans?

But you need to find the one that fits each port. You can see i maneuver the cable carefully.

How loud are Nzxt Aer RGB 2 fans?

The NZXT AER RGB 2 fans are quiet as can be on a mildly aggressive fan curve. Even peaking out at 33 dBa isn’t the loudest fan you can end up with and depending on the quality of your chassis could easily be ignored.