Is Guitar Center safe to order from?

Is Guitar Center Good to order from?

Guitar Center has a consumer rating of 1.84 stars from 91 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Guitar Center most frequently mention customer service, next day and credit card problems. Guitar Center ranks 35th among Music Equipment sites.

How long does shipping take from Guitar Center?

Most orders shipped via standard shipping will arrive is just 5 business days. No delivery on weekends. (For Saturday delivery, see overnight and 2-Day shipping below.) Verified orders sent via Standard Shipping typically arrive in 5 business days!

Is Guitar Center a good place to buy guitars online?

Guitar Center is the largest musical instrument retailer in America, and one of the best places to buy guitars online. They offer a huge range of instruments from acoustic guitars to electric guitars and everything in between.

How long does Guitar Center take to ship 2021?

Most orders shipped via standard shipping will arrive is just 5 business days. No delivery on weekends.

Is guitar Centre reliable?

Sure, they’re reliable, and their prices are just fine (for both new and used gear). Just don’t go for the pro coverage/extended warranty/etc, no matter how much they badger you. Just remember that they’re paid on commission. They’re reliable at sending me twice what I’ve ordered.

Is Sweetwater and Guitar Center the same?

No, Sweetwater is not owned by Guitar Center. What is this? Guitar Center has been in the business for over 50 years, while Sweetwater is privately-owned company that has been in business for over 30 years.

Who delivers Guitar Center?

Please note that we ship USPS packages via UPS Mail Innovations (UPSMI). These packages begin with a tracking number of 92748 and can be tracked via UPS.

What is standard ground shipping for Guitar Center?

Standard Ground Shipping

Most ground orders placed before 3 p.m. EST ship same day and will arrive in 2-5 business days.

Can you send a guitar in the mail?

Typically, it’s definitely preferable to ship the instrument in a hard case, as this tends to provide that needed extra-layer of protection while in transit. You can use towels, foam, packing peanuts, bubble wrap or strips of soft folded paper as padding when shipping a guitar to a customer.

Is Guitar Center in financial trouble?

There’s no way to blame the pandemic for the bankruptcy of Guitar Center. But they’re still going to try. The largest music gear retailer in the United States and a crucial part of the music scene here is broke and filed for bankruptcy in the Eastern District of Virginia in November 2020.

Why is Guitar Center closed?

COVID-19 brought a new, massive challenge, forcing Guitar Center to temporarily close its stores, cutting off sales along with revenue from music lessons. Even with e-commerce sales on the rise, Guitar Center’s total sales for the first half of the year fell by nearly 20% compared to 2019, according to CFO Tim Martin.

Is Sweetwater a legit site?

So cut to the chase – Is Sweetwater Legit? Bottom Line: Yes. Sweetwater is the biggest online musical instrument retailer in the US, serving millions of customers a year, and have top ratings on all review sites. … They have a 4.47 rating on SiteJabber with (at the time of writing) 684 reviews.