Where can I buy a lop bunny?

How much does a lop rabbit cost?

The average cost for a pet Holland Lop rabbit is $40, though they can range in price from $20 to $400 or more.

Do lop bunnies like to be held?

Most rabbits don’t enjoy being held, and petting is usually only permitted by people the rabbit trusts. It’s also true that some rabbits might not ever allow petting because they’re not comfortable with it. “Like most rabbits, they generally do not feel safe when being held unless they are held correctly,” Murphy says.

What is the average cost of a Holland lop bunny?

How Much Do Holland Lop Rabbit Cost? Like most rabbits, the Holland Lop Rabbit is usually pretty inexpensive. They can cost as little as $40. Most will range between $20 to $400.

Are lop bunnies good pets?

Averaging 3.5 pounds, these lops are the ideal house pet. They are non-aggressive and are different from the American fuzzy lop in that they have fur, not wool, and they are a true dwarf variety. They are small and make great little house pets. These are highly popular rabbits for kids due to their small size.

Are dwarf lop rabbits friendly?

Dwarf Lops have a dense coat of soft, medium length hair. Dwarf Lops are generally good-natured and friendly rabbits. They are fairly active, playful, and enjoy the company of people and other rabbits. If introduced properly, they usually get on well with children and other pets.

Are girl or boy bunnies better?

Gender plays a part, with males tending to be slightly more outgoing than females. Because rabbits have such distinct individual personalities, however, it’s impossible to conclude that one sex always makes better pets than the other.

How much do mini lops cost?

Dwarf Lops and Mini Lops can currently command high prices as they are a relatively new breed. Prices vary from state to state. Expect to pay from $30 for a pet, up to $90 for a show quality rabbit. Once purchased, they do not cost much to feed.

Why do mini lops bite?

Your mini lop may bite you if you do not pick him up or hold him properly. If your mini lop does not like being held, picking him up over and over again will not make him like it any more. In fact, he may become more frightened of being held.